About the Author

Mary Ashe is the author of spicy scifi adventures and cozy fantasy romances featuring protective cinnamon roll heroes and smart, capable heroines. Stories have always been an integral part of her life, starting with bedtime read alouds and story times at the local library. At the tender age of 13, a friend (a deliciously bad influence) introduced her to the world of romance, and Mary was hooked. Her bookworm tendencies led her to teaching English and Journalism, where she delighted in encouraging young readers and writers. After over 20 years on the front lines of education and with her mental and physical health on the line, Mary packed up her classroom and took an adult gap year, determined to bring creativity and joy back into her life. And boy, did she find it. This picture, for example, brings her great joy. She took it on a wet hike in Connemara National Park during a solo trip to Ireland (if you get the chance to take a trip on your own, do it. It's amazing). When not writing or creating, Mary can be found living her best cozy spinster life, puttering in her garden, attempting to improve her drawing skills, and snuggling her geriatric pup, a cup of tea close at hand. And, as always, she lives surrounded by her favorite books and an ever-expanding to-be-read pile.

Works In Progress

Rowanwid Library Book 3
First Draft 25%
Rogue Justice Book 3
Outline 50%