Celestial Velocity

Rogue Justice | Book One

A brilliant engineer on the run. The space pirate hired to protect her. Together, they must escape biker trolls and dodge bounty hunters in pursuit of the truth in this spicy scifi adventure romance.

Bea Farsirus wants her life back. Not only did someone murder her ex-lover and burn down her workshop, destroying the prototypes of her groundbreaking engine, but they framed her for the crimes. Now, here she is, kidnapped by space pirates and slung over the brawny shoulder of their captain instead of on her way to a crucial meeting for information to clear her name.

Quin Sidron wants his freedom. What was supposed to be a straightforward task—collect the engineer and deliver her to safety in exchange for a clean slate with his powerful cousin—has turned into a complicated operation. He winds up with a hellion on his hands, one who steals his escape pod, accidentally kidnaps him, and threatens his mission.

Despite their rocky start, they make a bargain to root out who set her up and untwist a knot of betrayal to prevent her powerful tech from falling into the wrong hands.

This journey across the galaxy includes a cinnamon roll hero, a badass heroine, only one bed, forced proximity, and an HEA.

Volatile Conjunction

Rogue Justice | Book Two

They’ve loathed each other for years, but now they must work together to protect their people in this spicy scifi adventure romance, the second novel in the Rogue Justice series.

When a mistake lands mercenary Ivan Halonen squarely in enemy territory, there’s only one way out: teaming up with his beautiful and deadly nemesis to rectify it.

Space pirate captain Amaryllis Verte could have gone the rest of her life without running into Ivan again, but when the job she’s on falls apart, putting her crew’s future in jeopardy, she must put her faith in a man she’s been at odds with for years.

“Complicated” doesn’t begin to define their relationship, but now they’ll have to resolve their differences and work together long enough to pull off a daring heist and protect their chosen families. If they can’t, it’s not just the future of their crews that’s in danger, it’s the future of space travel.

This series is perfect for readers who enjoy snarky humor, enemies evolving into lovers, and a hero who growls, “Who hurt you?”